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We are Etijah Al-Fakhama Advertising Agency, we include an innovative team of success for our customers with all effort and sincerity, we build excellence with our partners and we welcome our choice by every new partner we add to his success and add to our building………..

Our services

Bold letters and cladding

We keep pace with the development and keep pace with the progress in the manufacture and installation of three-dimensional letters of all kinds and shapes. We also implement the interior panels with all materials


Installation of all kinds of booths for exhibitions, bazaars and wooden stands for reservations and inquiries


Manufacture of acrylic, wood and forex stands With shapes and designs that fit the product

promotional gifts

A distinctive group and a wonderful assortment of promotional and souvenir gifts that suit all your occasions and correspond to the status of your customers

Website design and development

Designing websites with modern designs. Call us throughout the day. Host reservation. Web Design. Website programming. Services: web design

Prints and car stickers

Using the finest materials and the best inks, and using the latest and best international devices, we offer digital printing service on large areas. Flex Face - Banner - Sticker - White Film - Canvas

app design

You can reach the largest number of potential customers using the most powerful marketing methods today by owning a distinctive mobile application capable of achieving this for you

Email Marketing

E-marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technology, such as the Internet and mobile phones Social networking sites, search engines, e-mail, etc. And the analysis of your marketing efforts is done using tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Google Ads

business identity design

“We believe that digital design is like painting.” We practice the art of designing logos and visual identity and we integrate beauty with business, and because the visual identity is a birth certificate for the company and its distinction in a market full of ads, so we offer professional designs that contribute to the success of promoting your business

Search engine optimization

It is the process of improving and promoting a site to increase the number of visitors the site receives from search engines There are many aspects and steps starting from the content of the words on your page to the way to link other sites to your website.

Managing social media platforms

Social media management packages Through our packages, we offer you distinguished services for managing social media accounts. Choose the best package to get the best results! Invest in the long term and get a discount when you order our services for six months or a whole year

Marketing plans

The marketing plan of any company is the window to success in achieving the goals of this company to carry it to its goals. Actually there are three types of companies; The ones that make things happen; and those who watch things happen; And those who wonder what is happening.

Content writing

Despite the dominance of the image and the media in our lives, written content remains the most luxurious and valuable type of content with the magic of words, and because the brand is more than just a picture and logo, writing content for companies is an area in which the rest of the types of content do not compete.

Digital ads

Digital advertising management design is to pave the way for your brand to beat all competitors, to give you the best opportunities to connect with your target audience as quickly as possible, and work to convert them into your real customers.


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Some of our customers' opinions

khaled osman

بجد من افضل الشركات بالمملكة التى نثق فيها و فى خدمتها حقا لكم منا كل التقدير و الاحترام

Sultan Zayed

هاذا المكان تجد فية كل مايخص الطباعة والاستيكرات والدروع بالجملة ومكائن الطباعة ايضآ

Ehab mohamed

من اكثر الاماكن اللي فاهمين شغلهم صح واسعارهم مره ممتازه وجوده خامات وسرعه تسليم

ahmed rady

طباعة كافة الدعاية والإعلان ممتازين

Mohammed Abulahya

مكان جميل لاكن اسعارهم عالية

mohammad anwar

يعطيكم العافية ، خدمة ممتازه و أسعار أفضل ❤️

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